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Corrugated steel web in the application of the characteristics

Number of visits: Date:2017-11-27 13:21
1, improve the prestressing efficiency and improve the structural performance: the longitudinal stiffness of the corrugated steel web is small, almost no axial force, and thus not resistant to the introduction of prestressed, longitudinal prestressed beam can be concentrated loaded on the top, floor, Thus effectively increasing the prestressing efficiency. 2, to improve the efficiency of the material: In the corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge, concrete is used for bending, while the corrugated steel webs are used for shear resistance, bending moment and shear force respectively from top, bottom plate and corrugated steel belly Board commitment, the stress distribution within the web is approximately uniform pattern, rather than the traditional triangular, is conducive to the material to play a role. 3, improve the cross-section structure efficiency: corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge in the concrete are concentrated in the roof, floor, the radius of gyration almost increased to the maximum, greatly improving the structural efficiency of the cross-section. 4, weight reduction, good seismic performance: corrugated steel webs prestressed concrete box girder bridge with lighter corrugated steel plate, the bridge self-weight compared with the general prestressed concrete box girder bridge about 20% reduction, resulting in The effect of earthquake excitation is significantly reduced and the seismic performance is improved. 5, can reduce the on-site operation, speed up the construction process: corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge in the construction process, can reduce a large number of templates, brackets and concrete pouring project, eliminating the need for prefabricated pipe in the concrete web complex process, and Corrugated steel webs can be factory-produced, assembled on-site construction, thus speeding up the construction process.
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