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Slitting flat steel and steel differences

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Slitting flat steel is rectangular and with a slightly lip steel, the use of slitting flat steel can become the finished steel, but also as a welded pipe blank and rolled sheet thin slab used for slitting flat There is a difference between the use of steel and steel, the following to be an introduction: (1) The surface of the slab is very smooth and the secondary high-pressure water descaling process is used in the manufacturing process to ensure that the surface of the steel is very smooth. (2) Both sides of the slitting flat steel are vertical, and the water chestnut is very clear. During the second vertical rolling process in the finishing rolling, it is ensured that the perpendicularity of the edge portions on both sides is better, And the quality of the surface on the side is better. (3) Slitting flat steel is a standard precision, using a three-point difference, and the same level better than the standard steel, and flat slab is flat, good plate type, the fine Rolling process is used in the process of continuous rolling, automatic loop is a kind of automatic control, to ensure that the non-stack steel is not drawn steel, and the dimensional accuracy of the slitting flat steel is very high, and the plate type The straightness is very good, the use of cold shear mode, the length of the length of the higher accuracy. (4) The material used for slitting flat steel is the national standard, which is the same as that of steel plate. The technical standard of its quality is produced according to the corresponding standard.
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