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Hot rolled steel to the winter how to store

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In order not to affect the use of hot-rolled square steel, we have to master some storage techniques. Next, to share with you the winter storage method. Although the texture of hot-rolled square steel is relatively hard, but the winter temperature is low, the steel is prone to shrinkage under the condition of low temperature, and the rainy and snowy winter, heavy water vapor, steel exposed to rain and snow are also prone to rust, it is recommended that the steel On the warehouse, try to avoid open storage. If it must be placed in the open air, to be covered with a layer of canvas, can reduce the contact with water vapor, the quality of the steel is also guaranteed. Hot-rolled steel storage in winter, but also pay attention to the height of the stacked steel material impact. Square steel texture is more hard, but it should not be stacked too much, because the winter's low temperature on the performance of the steel itself has a certain impact, so the proper control of the height of the pile of steel in order to ensure the quality of steel.
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